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My Ol' Man, Dai


El Cajon, California, United States

Posted Jan 16, 2015

His nickname was "Boyrfriend" & "OL' Man." I called him boyfriend because at times he reminded me of some of the men I had dated, pushy, bossy, and grabby. Sorry guys, but there are men like that, yes, women also. He was my companion for 18 years. I took his litter in when their mom was killed by a car. He was the only one I could not find a home for, because no one wanted a cat that kept on yowling and meowing. Which he did loudly when someone came to see the litter. He was what I needed. If that boy could talk, oh, the secrets he could have told.

He was a black cat, sleek, slim, and ran the house. He kept my dogs in check, took no guff off other cats or dogs. I did rescue/foster care for a few years. He use to beat up on one of my female cats. She would be napping and out of the blue he would tackle her. I know she was glad when she got a new home. He was relatively easy to train. There was not a cabinet he could not get into, clearing them out to make room for his napping place.

Cats are great companions if you do not want to expel a great deal of energy. Although as kittens they do need to be entertained. Do not think after kitten-hood that will change if they are very active. Dai kept me busy until he was about 16 and could not climb into the kitchen cabinets any more. He was not much of a cuddler either. He tolerated my holding him, always with a look that said "Are you done yet?"

When you shop for a cat, handle him/her, talk, pet, interact as much as you can. If he or she holds back, does not seem interested, then check another one, never force your attentions. If the cat is right for you, he or she will let you know. Something magical happens when it is right. A life long companion that is there no matter what.

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