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Dexter the Lovable Orange Tabby Cat


United States

Posted Jan 11, 2015

Since I was about 15 years old, I knew I would one day have an orange tabby cat named Dexter. About seven years ago I got my wish when we picked up this orange tabby from the SPCA.

Dexter is the first and only male animal I have ever had. All the things that I was warned about having a male animal (that they spray, are aggressive, hump things) are 100% not true with him. We got him at 9 months, but he had already been neutered as a kitten, and I think that helped stave off any of those bad habits that come with sexual maturity in male animals.

Dexter loves to cuddle, but he never feels like a needy animal. If you don't want him on your lap, he'll find somewhere else to laze around. He's extremely friendly, and will even socialize with completely strangers, and doesn't hide when we have a house full of people (although he won't jump in anyone's lap). He's also quite vocal, but no excessively so. Every time he meows, it seems like he is trying to communicate something (we just don't know what!), and he will talk back to you if you say his name to him.

One issue we've had with Dexter is that he likes to chase after lizards and frogs. He once caught a Cuban tree frog, which is poisonous to cats. He ended up being ok after we flushed his mouth out with water, but since then we put a bell collar on him so he can't catch as many creatures, and it has definitely helped.

Dexter has also gained a lot of weight in the past few years even though we can't pinpoint a specific reason why. Because of this he has become less active and has a hard time jumping up on things. We were told by a vet once that orange cats tend to be on the big side, and Dexter seems to be pushing the limit currently. Because of this, we have had to put him on a diet.

Even with some of Dexter's faults, he is a terrific cat. He has the most personality of any cat I've ever had and he makes my husband and I laugh all the time. It makes me wonder why I waited so long to get a male animal. He's so cuddly, and loving. He will also put up with almost anything from me and has never scratched or bite me intentionally. He's also an extremely attractive cat with silk orange fur and beautiful blue green eyes. Even when I'm not holding him, I love to look at him because he's just so darn cute!

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