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Ma Cherie Amour


United States

Posted Jan 10, 2015

I adopted Cherie during a challenging time in my life when I needed a friend and to be loved unconditionally. Cherie was so loving and playful from the second I laid eyes on her, she immediately became the love of my life, hence i named her after one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs.
Cherie had beautiful smoky grey fur and dark eyes. She was extremely friendly and loved being around people. A lot of friends commented that she had the personality of a dog, and pretty soon, I was calling her Poochie rather than the French name I baptized her with.
Cherie/Poochie liked to keep me company while I was laying down in bed and rested her head on my shoulder. She purred constantly around me and liked to greet me with wet nose kisses. In the morning, she liked to run laps around my legs while I was brushing my teeth or trying to get dressed.
As cute and playful as she was, she had a mischievous side very often. She always would knock things down from tables with one swat of her paw, she didn't always do her business inside the litter box despite the fact that it was cleaned, and she was addicted to chewing on styrofoam which made her mouth swell and caused her to vomit.
Nevertheless, Cherie, was still good company and I had no intentions of letting her go until my doctor advised that my asthma couldn't handle her anymore.
After five years of living with my best friend, I gave her away to a co-worker who had a little boy, another cat and a dog. Cherie was intimidated by them on the first evening, but buy the next day, she became their best friend and had already moved on.
Despite her short hair, she constantly shed making it difficult for those of us who are prone to allergies. However, her type of breed is very friendly, craves attention and will give it right back to you. She was definitely a sweet love, ma Cherie amour.

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