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Ontario, Canada

Posted Jan 08, 2015

Comet has been in our family for about 10 years since being a kitten. Cats are incredible creatures with their own unique personalities.

This little guy is a 'fraidy' cat who prefers to hide out when company arrives. But if you are patient and let him figure out what's going on, he will certainly let you know how he feels. Even though he initially runs away to hide, he does enjoy being in a room with people.

He's watched two boys grow up, moved house about 3 times, has gone from a house full of people to pretty much being on his own most of the day. Comet, like many cats, is very adaptable.

He loves to cuddle with my mom, but detests sitting on my lap. Instead he will just lean against me. He craves and loves attention but only on his terms.

He needs brushing every day and although he is happy to just sleep most of the time, he does enjoy playing and could do with the exercise.

This breed has a tendency to be overweight, and poor comet went through an obese stage that ended up in diabetes. For one year he was jabbed twice a day with insulin and but now his health seems to be pretty stable.

Comet is very patient except when it comes to his morning feed. At the same time, every early morning, he howls like a baby until he gets his spoonful of wet food. He really only makes noise when he wants something desperately like this or if a door is closed and he wants in.

Just like a dog, he loves to sit and watch out the front window focusing on squirrels and birds or simply staring into space.

Comet is a very easy cat to live with. Perfect as an indoor cat, very adaptable, independent and just the right amount of curiosity.

Mostly these cats come with pros because they are so easy to get along with. They make great indoor companions.

The cons would be grooming and diet. Make sure you feed your cat well to avoid obesity and common health issues. If they are an indoor cat, make certain to exercise with play on a regular basis.

Inviting a cat into your home is a long term commitment and a lifetime of fun and companionship for your cat and you.

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