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Posted Dec 02, 2014

I had received Nala from a friend who had two cats and he wanted to downsize to one. This was my first pet since getting my own place and I was excited to have a companion. Nala was a beautiful black and white cat. She enjoyed exploring our home and would often sit and lay close by as I worked on my college homework.

At the time, I volunteered with a lot of children and she never presented any issues. She would tolerate a lot of handling and when she had an easy way to escape, she would take off to hide in my bedroom until the energy was gone.

I never had any significant issues with her health. She had her regular check ups and shots and never did we have any health issues. I did not have Nala spayed and would often try to redirect her when she was in heat. Unfortunately, my procrastination resulted in the inevitable. One night, I forgot that I left my kitchen window open. Though I had never had an issue with Nala trying to go outside, I found her the next morning, mewing on my doorstep waiting to come back into the house.

What I feared would happen, did. She came back pregnant from that night's activities. There were no issues that we knew of during the pregnancy. Nala gave birth to 4 kittens, (1 still born, 1 breach birthed, 2 live and healthy). Nala had chosen a dark pantry that we did not use often to give birth in, however after their birth, I guess she decided it wasn't hidden enough. In the middle of the night, I was awoken to loud pitiful kitten mews. I heard Nala trying to jump. My husband at the time stopped her just in time, catching Nala trying to jump with the kitten in her mouth. We immediately discovered that the other kitten was missing. He was found under neith the master bedroom bed, dead. We suspect that Nala may have inadvertently broken his neck while making the move.

I took care of Nala and the live kitten while the dead one was buried outside...in the middle of the night.

However, Nala was never the same again. It was my impression that Nala became depressed and despondent when she couldn't find George (what we had named the kitchen that died accidently). We would often find her staring underneith the bed or prowling around the house. We are thankful that Nala was functioning well enough immediately following the birth so that she did train Squishy how to use the litter box. We moved several months after that and Nala's depression intensified to the point where she hid behind the couch and we never saw her. For awhile, she was coming out to eat at night but then we didn't see her do that either. When we did see her interact with the surviving kitten, Squishy, she would just lie there as the kitten beat on her, scratched her, and bit her.

I made the sad decision that it wasn't worth it for Nala to live so miserable in our home when I witnessed Squishy beat on her momma and scratch her hard enough that Nala mewed but didn't move away. I decided to take Nala to the SPCA. She didn't fight me putting her in the carrying case...and she just hung limply in my hands as I pulled her out of it at the SPCA.

I still think about her every now and then. She hated any sort of restraint and was supremely independent, but would lie quietly in my arms for small periods of time. Shedding of the cat hair was normal to low, didn't require constant lint brushing of clothes.

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