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Bandit, My Three Legged American Shorthair Cat


United States

Posted Nov 01, 2014

Bandit is my three legged American Shorthair cat. As a young kitten he was found in a tobacco barn with an injured leg. He didn't belong to anyone, but luckily the farmer was kind enough to take him to the vet and pay for his treatment.

I was looking for a cat when a co-worker told me about a three legged cat that needed adopting. I drove down to see him and fell in love with his feistiness. Bandit remains a great cat to this day, and I am very happy to have found him.

Some of my experiences with American Shorthair Cats is how easy they are to maintain. Bandit doesn't shed that much and whenever he lays on a pair of pants or a sweatshirt, the only thing he leaves behind is a warm spot of where he was. I can't say that for other cats.

Bandit also has a great temperament. I wouldn't say he "loves" being picked up, but he will tolerate it for several minutes as long as he is being petted. He isn't high maintenance in that he will keep to himself, and when there is someone in the house he isn't familiar with, it is under the bed he goes. When he is hungry he very rarely meow's. But if you make noise at him, he will meow at you in a playful manor.

Some issues with Bandit is that he requires a special diet. He has had issues of urinating where he shouldn't and the vet recommended a new diet. It seems to do the trick, but the food is expensive and can only be bought at this vet. The one plus is that the other cat we own, who isn't sick, can eat the special food as well.

The price of feed is an inconvenience, but I'm willing to pay it for a pretty mellow cat, that will tolerate me playing with him, and not wake me at 5:00 to be fed. I am overall pretty happy with this breed and recommend an American Shorthair to anyone who doesn't need a lap cat, but also doesn't need to carry a lint brush around with them.

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