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Buster our Orange Tabby: From Outdoor Explorer to Indoor Office Kitty


Ontario, Canada

Posted Oct 19, 2014

When I first met Buster, an American Shorthair Orange Tabby – he was an outdoor cat. He was happy to explore the outside countryside almost daily. He'd only come in at night for food and rest. One night he didn’t return home though. He’d had an accident. Thankfully, he healed after a vet visit. But worried about him, I converted him into an indoor kitty.

Since becoming an indoor kitty, I have gotten to know his personality. He is quite independent. He takes care of his grooming. But he does like some affection. He lets me know, too. For example, when I work in my home office, and I get too focused on work, he will walk over my laptop keyboard or stand near the side of my laptop indicating loud and clear he wants my attention.

When he "meows," there are differences sometimes, and I've come to understand a few of them -- "Kitty litter needs changed," "I want my food topped up," "You're spending too much time with the beagles and I want to see you."

He even puts his paw in his water bowl and taps it to let me know it needs topped up. (And, it's not that I don't have water in other bowls. It's just that, Buster has a favourite bowl.)

So he's a great communicator. He also learns well, even if it’s not so good – like picking up “swatting,” from our adopted cat. We adopted a female, brown mackerel tabby cat to keep him company. Buster wasn’t thrilled at first.

For months (or what seemed a long time) he would go to another area of our home and stay there -- away from our adopted kitty. Buster even stopped eating. We had to re-find the right food for him. Thankfully, he gave in and now the two kitties get along, most of the time.

One last thing I can share... He's a good sport. In that, Buster reminds me of the character, "Puss in Boots," and he let my husband and I dress him up one time in a Puss in Boots costume. He’s a senior cat now but he’s still young at heart! I'm grateful Buster is in our family.

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