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Posted Sep 23, 2014

Owning a cat means introducing your home to another roommate, rather than another pet. When it comes to feeding time they can become demanding, and will resort to many annoying tactics to get you to comply with their wishes. From using your couch as a scratching post, to leaping onto your stomach to bite your nose until you wake up, these animals are extremely talented in persuasion. That being said, they are also one of the most complex, and interesting species I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Like humans, each cat has its own personality. They have quirks, food preferences, favourite chairs, beds, and people. Get on their good side, and you will have a loyal companion who will be more than happy to join you as you eat breakfast, watch television, or in my case, go for a walk around the block. The most satisfying experience you will have when owning a cat, will be when it decides it trusts you enough to sleep on your lap. There is nothing better to combat stress than cuddling with a purring feline.

To keep your cat healthy, I recommend a diet of both wet and dry food. As I have mentioned earlier, your pet might show a preference for a certain kind of meat, so when purchasing its food in the beginning of your relationship, chose multiple flavours. Provide fresh water daily, and brush your cat’s fur regularly to avoid matted hair. This is particularly important for longer haired felines. If your cat explores the outdoors, make sure you register your pet with your local town or city, and include an identification tag on its collar. It is also vital to make sure your outdoor cat is properly vaccinated, spayed, or neutered. There is a very high chance your pet will come into contact with other animals, domesticated or wild, and it is important to give them the proper protection against possible diseases or illnesses.

Cats are pretty capable animals, and will not need as much attention as other animals might. They are independent, and like their space, although if you ignore them too much they will show signs of displeasure. For example, when my cat, Jimmy, feels as though we are ignoring his desires, he will playfully attack our second cat until we feed him, pet him, or let him out into the backyard. He then thanks us with an affectionate rub, and proceeds to go about his day. Cats do appreciate your company and care; they just don’t show it in an obvious way. If you love your cat, it will love you back in its own subtle way.

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