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My American Short Haired Cat Named Graham


United States

Posted Sep 12, 2014

I have owned my cat, Graham, since September, 2008 and he is and always will be my baby. He will be six years old soon and I always wish he was still a kitten because he was a lot more playful back then. However, all cats are the most playful when they're kittens, I suppose.

What really attracted me to Graham when I first some him at PetSmart, was his beautiful orange coat. I loved the pattern on his coat; the way it resembled swirls and distinctive stripes drew me in and eventually led me to his beautiful green eyes! From love at first sight to six years later, I am still in love with him.

During his first two years, he was VERY playful and always looking to get into mischief, but it was more cute than annoying for me. I enjoyed making paper balls and throwing them around my apartment for him to play with. Early on, I discovered his love for Fancy Feast cat food, which he ate in conjunction with his hard cat food. One thing I must mention, is the fact that he was extremely easy to potty train and only urinated outside of his litter box when he wasn't feeling well or was upset.

To be completely honest, as far as bathing him, I have not given him a bath since 2010, but I have read that it's ok, since cats tend to clean themselves all the time. He does shed a lot, so I try to brush his fur everyday to keep it from spreading all over the house.

These days, my husband and I can definitely tell Graham is getting older, as he sleeps a lot more and seems to get bothered a lot more easily. About a year ago, he was diagnosed with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease, which is a common disease among adult cats. We have been able to keep it under control by feeding him prescribed cat food, that helps dissolve the crystals in his tract. I was truly saddened by the diagnosis, but luckily, Graham is able to live with it comfortably. Another sign of his aging that I have been noticing more of lately, is the increase in his vomiting. He has always had a sensitive gag reflex, but he has been vomiting a lot more these days. I don't know for sure if it truly is just his reflex or something more serious, so I think we will be taking him in to see the vet soon. Let's hope it's just his gag reflex!

Anyway, all in all, Graham is a FANTASTIC cat and I can't imagine my life without him. He is there to comfort me and always knows just how to cheer me up with his cuddles. He can sometimes be a bit emotional and perceptive with what's going on around him, but I think that gives him character.

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