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Rescuing Our Cat Was The Best Decision We Made


Carrollton, Texas, United States

Posted Aug 26, 2014

We walked into a local city shelter looking for a cat. Not a kitten, but a mature cat. When we saw this black female cat with a beautiful shine to her coat, we watched her for a few minutes. Although every single other cat was meowing, and jumping around, this cat simply laid there staring at us with eyes that seem to be calling out to us. As we discussed with the shelter worker the history of this cat, we discovered she was surrendered due to her owner having to be placed into a nursing home. She was mature, quiet, and seemed quite approachable.

We had her taken out of the cage, and sat with her for a bit. Immediately she was attached to us, and in our arms, purring loudly, rubbing her head on our hands, arms, anything that she could touch that was part of us. We were able to adopt her, named her Zoe, and brought her home to the family.

She was so cute, and playful, and loved the children; allowing the baby to attempt catching her tail (she would flick it back and forth on purpose). We always knew when it was time to get up in the morning because Zoe would come into the room and perch right in front of one of our faces; quietly, simply breathing. We would open our eyes, and she would immediately begin to love on us until we rose out of bed.

She loved to be around the family at all times of the day, however, also thoroughly enjoyed her nap time alone. We lived in the country, and little did we know when we got her, she was the best darn mouser we had ever seen! Zoe would leave part of her prize right in the middle of the floor as if to say, "Ah, look what I did for you!" Being in the country, field mice were always around during the summer months, but Zoe made sure they knew not to be in our house, or on the property. She was amazing!

If you are wanting a super cat for your family, I completely recommend visiting your local shelter and adopting an American Shorthair. Very Awesome Creatures!

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