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The American Shorthair Cat - Fun and easy to care for!


United States

Posted Aug 25, 2014

Over the years, I’ve had many American Shorthair cats. Each was a unique character.
American Shorthair Cats are one of the few pets that I would whole-heartedly recommend to beginners. There is a wealth of information available about them to research; they are very hardy and reasonably easy to care for. There is, of course, some caveats – they need to be trained to prevent them from destroying your house by scratching, they need good socialization both with humans and other pets to prevent them from becoming aggressive as they get older, they need good grooming to prevent fur from getting all over your house, you need to be religious about changing their litter box (or toilet training them which CAN be done) or your house will smell. They are very hardy and don’t need a lot of extra visits for ailments or sickness but they do need to have regular medications and routine visits same as most animals so be aware of that. On the whole, care of an American Shorthair cat is nothing really too dramatic or strenuous but reasonable stuff that needs to be done consistently for which you are rewarded with an exceptional companion exuding unique personality.

The American Shorthair cat is a very fun pet that pretends to be aloof and a loaner but at the same time, does whatever they can to try and capture your attention and gain your affections. They will sit on your keyboard, your book, your paper, jump in your lap, and leave you “presents” in your shoes. They are quite intelligent and will always be looking for ways to “entertain” themselves when they are not sleeping – which is often.

If you have some patience and don’t mind a little hair around the place or a big fluffy bundle of fuzz sitting on your keyboard, than the American Shorthair Cat will be a perfect addition to your home!

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