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Posted Jul 31, 2014

Tiger is a Domestic short hair Tabby and has been with my family since 2008 when he wandered into our yard and never left. He was very skinny and malnourished but still very chatty and friendly.

Since we took him in, he's been a loving member of our family and a wonderful companion.

However 2years ago, Tiger developed a urinary tract blockage that almost led to him dying. Luckily we noticed right away that something wasn't right and he had to rush him to the vet where he was kept for 2 days and underwent major surgery. Fortunately he survived.

The chances of this condition is rare and out of all the (male) cats we've had he's the only one to have developed this problem. Lucky for us too, because its a very expensive procedure!

Since his condition, he has developed the habit of peeing in the bidet. He also sometimes streaks through the house crying as though he's in pain and its not a nice thing because there is very little we can do to console him :(

Despite this set back, he is still one of the most loving and affectionate cats we've ever had and a monster cuddle-bunny at nights!

He grooms himself (though when he sheds it can be a bit of a chore to clean up)

His diet is varied but he seems to agree more with the dry kibble, although he refuses to eat any other brand but Meow Mix...

* Very affectionate
* very friendly
* Very playful
* Easy to maintain (self grooms)
* Personable and gets along well with other animals
* Very intelligent
* Very beautiful cat physically

* Questionable health (major health issues in my case)
* Requires a lot of attention
* Grieves if left alone too long
* Very loud and vocal if he wants your attention
* Very particular about food
* Develops odd habits (peeing in the bidet...)
* Scared of strangers (or even the doorbell ringing since he knows it means someone is at the door)

Overall he is a wonderful lap cat and would do well for and older couple. He is gentle and would also be good with children since he is tolerant and very docile. I've never had Tiger hiss at me or lash out at me.
He was very playful as a kitten but now he prefers to lounge around and sleeps most of the day (in very odd positions!)

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