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Posted Jul 30, 2014

When I first moved into this particular set of apartments, I noticed a variety of stray cats that came and went. Apparently there was a colony that lived behind a local grocery store that occasionally strayed into the area. I assume that is where Bogie (originally called Bogie's Cat because that was the name of our street) came from, only she didn't come and go. She lived in the trash bin.

For the first few months that I moved in, she was very aloof. She was an excellent hunter and apparently took very good care of herself. She never bothered anyone and never made any noise. All that changed when a kitten showed up.

The kitten was very young (only a few months) and very unhealthy. My neighbors and I got together, fed, groomed, and cared for the kitten. We took her to the vet, got her all cleaned up, and found her a good home.

Bogie started getting a bit closer to the building after that. She was friendly and let us touch her. Eventually we started putting food and a bed out for her, which was immediately and frequently thrown away by maintenance. So one neighbor offered to care for her from his porch. Bogie became extremely attached to me after that. She followed my dog and me around on walks. She brought us "gifts." She let me pet her, pick her up, and love her.

When the neighbor moved away, I had a choice. I lived on the third floor, so to continue taking care of Bogie, she would have to be an inside/outside cat. I was reasonably concerned, and she was reasonably uncomfortable at first.

One year later I have a cat who naps in my apartment, plays with my dog, uses a litter box when I'm not there to let her out, and causes little damage to my furniture (the weather stripping on my door is another matter). She's vocal only when she needs to be (or when there is a storm). She only sleeps on the floor or in her bed, and has yet to act aggressively towards me.

It's a strange tale. She's a strange cat. Would I recommend taking in a stray adult cat and plopping them into your house? Absolutely not. But this particular cat seems to understand how much easier her life is now, and appreciates all that I do for her. Cat's can be just as loving and much more self sufficient than dogs, but each cat has their own personality.

Good luck! I hope you find a cat that's as fantastic as mine!

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