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Several, abandoned feral cats. I am their caretaker, and provider.


United States

Posted Jun 01, 2014

I am out in South Central Oregon and have 8 outdoor cats, some were abandoned and some were born here in town. I have partnered with a local shelter to have them all fixed, and so far they have all been very happy here with me. I have been feeding them twice daily and we all go for a walk in the evening. It is quite a sight, people have not seen cats walking with the owner ever before. I have many different breeds and one lead female, they act very much like a Pride of tinny Lions, if you can imagine that. The matriarch was in charge of all the litters and prevented some of the mothers from nursing their own kittens. I did my best, being disabled myself to make sure everyone got fed. I had at one point had 14-16 cats out here and was able to get the kittens adopted. I am disabled as I mentioned before, and I try to keep food for the remaining unadoptable cats coming every day. It can be quite a hard task, since cats will gorge themselves if food becomes scarce, sometimes they do so just because they are not my regular group and come here for extras. I had to make shelters and put these on the porch since we experience below 0 degree temps during winter. Even the short hairs in my group do well since they all gather together at the coldest times and stay in the shelters most of the day. I just could not have all those little guys in the house, since they are feral and would rather be outside anyway. They also had the tendency to mark everything and anything, because it is their "Turf".
One thing I don't have are rodents and I have to give the cats credit for that. Many of the locals keep cats and call them "Barn cats" they intentionally under feed them so they will hunt rodents, even if you feed them normally, cats will remove all the rodents, and I think the locals just don't understand this.
I have loving relationships with each and every one of these critters, I have the benefit of their company, and that keeps me alive and well. I am out in the woods in a very small town called Keno, Oregon, and it is good to have friends, even if they are cats.
If you ever see a cat with little notches in their ears, then they are feral and the notches show that they have been fixed. I did not realize this until recently,and it has worked well since there are people that trap them, and if the ears are notched, they can be released and the trap reset to catch fertile females, and males to control the level of breeding.
We need more people to take care of wildlife, and abandoned Domestic animals, and I am here to help all I can. It has it's rewards, I have at least 8 true friends.
Next check out the review I am preparing on "resident Deer" we have a herd that lives in and around the town. One has three legs and I have pictures of her with her two Fawns, she actually had two very cute and very friendly fawns right here in the back yard. I feel honored, that she would trust me that much, they leave the fawns alone sometimes and I get to "Fawn Sit" during the day. Look for the review tomorrow. XManIII

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