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Shadow the Awesome


United States

Posted May 22, 2014

I'd recommend an American Shorthair to anyone. Shadow has been a low maintenance, healthy cat for as long as I've had him with me. Having owned and known several cats in my life, it's hard to say how much I love Shadow. All cats like to lay around or curl up, but Shadow also likes to run around, bat small toys around, and take wind sprints. He sometimes stalks me as I walk down the hallway or up the stairs. He'll wait until I'm almost to the end and then make a run for me and bat my feet or ankles and continue to a hiding place where he'll wait for me to head back the other way and he'll do it again. He never extends his claws. He knows just how much he can knead on my thigh without hurting me whether I'm wearing jeans, shorts, or lighter fabric.

Shadow grooms himself very well, and while he is a shorthair, I still give him the Furminator comb treatment to get that inner hair combed out which doesn't take very long, and it keeps the hairballs to the very minimum. Shadow doesn't tear things up, either. At least not furniture and woodwork. Shadow loves cardboard. Scratching at cardboard gives his claws the workout they need, while allowing him to stretch. I'm told this is a healthy thing for a cat's musculoskeletal system. I'm glad his previous owner didn't have him declawed.

On thing that I really like about Shadow is his voice. Very rarely do I hear the typical meow. He warbles - like a purr - brrrr, brrrt. But he adds inflection to it as if he's mimicking human speech, which I've seen in some animals. He raises his pitch sometimes as if asking a question like, "Can I jump up on your lap?" And when I say something to him, I'd swear by his vocal inflections that he's answering. This all might be speculation, but it's really neat.

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