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Happy, the Content Cat


12456, Japan

Posted May 18, 2014

I received Happy from a rescue shelter. I liked the idea of helping out a kitten who needed a family, since I too was living alone after migrating a few years back.

Happy has always been a very content cat. She is fine kids(I had a few coming to my place every weekend) or other noise makers. She quickly learned which kids are to be avoided, and which kids will pet her and play with her. She would quietly disappear whenever a three year-old - who kept pulling her tail - turned up.

Happy seems of mixed breed, although I was told that she is partly American Short-hair. It becomes necessary to comb her and remove the falling hairs in August. But other than for that, the cat grooms itself fairly well.

She got less playful after turning five years old. If you are looking for a cat who likes to play a lot, this could be a bad point. But then, an older cat seems much more content, and at home with the members of the family.

One thing that surprises me is how Happy is able to pick cat-lovers. I have a group of volunteers meeting at our place every month, and staying a couple of times a year. Happy would go and sit on the laps of only some of them. My guess is that she judges people by eye contact and facial expression.

Happy has been a quiet cat, and mews only for two reasons. The first is asking for food and water.The second reason came up after she grew older; now she needs help to chase away the occasional stray cat that comes in to the house or garden.

Other than for losing few teeth recently, Happy has been quite healthy. She is taken to the vet once a year, and the only advice that I received so far is to pick cat food that is easier for her to eat.

Happy has been good company to me, and now my family, for the past 8 years or so. I hope she will continue to be, for many more years.

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