Felicity Celeste M

American Shorthair

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Posted May 05, 2014

Felicity Celeste Muffin is an incredibly friendly and affectionate cat. She accepts new people easily, though she demonstrates a preference for her primary care-giver. She has befriended my older female cat and she adores my rabbit, but my old, cranky kitty will not accept her and this can be a point of stress for both of them.

Felicity shows affection by rubbing her face and body against the legs of new people, with eager face-to-face contact and a hearty purr. She prefers to sleep with her face close to mine. She is a chatty cat, trilling or meowing when addressed or touched unexpectedly. When she finds herself suddenly alone in another room, she cries for attention - she has even done this after waking from a nap.

My cat's health is good and she is quite hardy. The trials that we have faced in her healthcare have stemmed from a factor that is not specific to her breed. Felicity is diabetic and this was only diagnosed after she had been living with me for one year. On account of this, Felicity is slightly overweight (by about 3 lbs) as we work toward managing her diabetic needs. At times, her appetite can seem excessive because of her condition. It also seems that her need for attention increases with her blood sugar. On the bright side, Felicity's intelligence has become evident to me through our trials together in managing her health.

With gentle love, praise and encouragement, Felicity has accepted insulin injections twice per day as part of her routine. Sometimes, she is the one who reminds me when it is time for her medicine. She has learned to follow me to the "procedure room" on cue - "come get your medicine, girly!" - or she will wait for me there when her medicine is due. She also accepts her medicine from the friends and family that I have trained to administer it.

Since she requires this level of care, I once brought Felicity on a trip to visit my family. She was generally quiet and calm at the airport and during our flight. I could not expect the same behavior from my other cats! Of the three of them, Felicity is also the most willful. When she is shooed out of a room or off a piece of furniture, she turns with a little hiss. She has only swatted me once, though, in a stressful situation when she was alarmed. Otherwise, she is gentle and completely trusting.

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