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Posted May 03, 2014

LJ is a a cat we rescued as a kitten from the street. He has a beautiful blue coat and green eyes.

I decided to review this cat because I cannot stress enough how great a need their is for cats and other animals to be adopted.

I estimate he was about 8 weeks old when we took him in. He was starving and did not play like kittens do.

As much as I love purebred cats, LJ is the one who is truly the dearest to my heart.

We took him to the vet and had him neutered. He's been an indoor cat from that point on.

This cat loves me more than any other animal I have been in contact with. Like a dog, he shadows me around the house. He has conversations with me. He tells me when it's time for bed. LJ has a specific place he has to sleep, which is around my head like a soft furry cap that purrs.

LJ "grooms" me often, which is a sign of attachment. He cries if I go away for a weekend and when I return, he will lick the skin off my ears.

I am well educated in animal behavior, and some other behaviorists would call him clingy and insecure. I disagree. The reason is, I've seen how this cat panics when there's no food. He had to forage as a tiny kitten. So, I conclude that this cat is appreciative for having shelter, food, other animal friends, and I believe he shows me thanks every day.

There may be nothing special in his bloodlines, but never overlook an animal that may not be as cute or beautiful as others. When you adopt a cat, you are giving a loving home to one who may never have had one, or who had lost one that he once has.

My cat, LJ, is a mix, was a stray, but is loving, verbal, and intelligent. Of all the purebreds I have owned and worked with, this cat never required house breaking or training. He understands the word "no," and it only needs to be spoken softly.

In the community I live in, there is no animal control. We have stray cats everywhere. They are considered a nuisance. They may carry diseased, be worm infested, and are always flea infested. I've never seen a cat more that one warm season.

Adopt a cat! Don't always go for a breed, go for a need.

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