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The KiKi's


New York, United States

Posted May 01, 2014

Currently, I have two kitties. The black and white 'tuxedo' is Brandi and the grey 'tortie' is Mystery.

Brandi was a rescue from a shelter that my Children, Husband and I were volunteering at. They were so over loaded with kitties of every kind. We had no plans to get a cat at all. As we were cleaning in the large cat room full of the better socialized kitties, Brandi (a small kitten at the time) approached me. I extended my arm to pet her and she climbed up my arm onto my shoulder. Needless to say, we all fell in love with her.

The neat thing about Brandi is that she has wide paws that she often seperates her toes and lightly punches you. She is very VERY talkative. And even responds to any emotion you have in your voice when directed towards her.

Brandi, like most cats, came very well potty trained. She cleans herself so much that her coat is extraordinarily shiny and sleek. She is extremely soft to the touch.

Similar to the cat jokes, Brandi is in complete control of who can and will be graced with her presence.

Personally, I have always been attracted to tuxedo cats. Before Brandy, there was MatchStick, who passed of old age. She was a tuxedo that was mostly black, except a small patch of white on the tip of her tail. I have found the tuxedo color to come with a regal, classic kitty attitude.

A hasty decision was made almost a year ago to take in a kitten from Craigslist. My son, now 13, had discovered the glory of the pet section and fell in love with this little one. My daughter soon followed his adoration. Somehow, the two discovered a way to convince me to think outside the box and adopt a kitten for them that was not black and white.

Mystery is in no way there kitty. She has since booted Brandi from our bed and has decided her place is with me at all times.

She plays fetch. Yup. She has a taco bell dog toy that she carries around in her mouth. She stares out the window when I leave and I'm told doesn't move until I come home.

I am definitely a 'cat person' (which does not go well with the bird breeding, but we make due)

If you are considering a new cat family member, please take into consideration that kittens will change. The cute adventurous attitude is not forever. There are so many cats in shelters and they really are good cats usually. Cats are such an easy pet as most cats are potty trained without any actual training, they groom themselves, and they usually keep to them selves.

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