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My Curious George


United States

Posted Mar 31, 2014

George was one of my childhood kitties. She was the most amazingly cuddly and slow witted kitten I had ever seen. Her vets swore there was nothing wrong with her, however she would run into the table legs, constantly, she had horrible separation anxiety and she would fall out of the tree in our front yard. Once I noticed that I stopped letting her outside.

But she was the perrfect cuddle cat. She was vocal, she would ask for everything. If you were holding it, she wanted it. She took baths and showers with me, univited of course. She chewed her claws to the point that I never had to trim them and she loved her collar. Every time I had to change her flea collar she would fight me and make a big fuss until I got the new one on.

But like I said she was slow witted. It took her forever to learn to do anything (except the litter box, however she had help of our other cat to teach her that). Her fascination with what I was doing got her in more trouble for getting on the counters and tables and in the kitchen sink while I was doing dishes. Let me tell you, cat hair does not rinse well out of glasses. Her sister kitty learned lightening fast, one squirt from the bottle or fly swatter on the counter (to make the noise) she wouldn't do whatever she was doing again. But George, it took almost two years to teach her not to dive into the refrigerator every time it opened, and not to get on the table or counter.

The older she got the worse her vision/spatial reasoning became. She would run into walls, turn too short at corners and run into door jams. She missed 90% of everyone of her jumps. But she was healthy. Not overweight, not underweight and just happy with all of her other kitty parts. When I last saw her she was settling in to her new home, because I had to go someplace I couldn't bring her with, and her new owner built her ramps so she wouldn't have to jump after that. She lived to be a happy 13 years old, still in shape and still as slow as ever.

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