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My Personal Experience with my American Shorthair


United States

Posted Mar 16, 2014

When I first met Raven, it was when I went with my father to a cat rescue to adopt a cat. Her eyes were big, and she cried until we started petting her and paying attention to her. My dad got her, thinking she would be a cute little lap cat, and boy was she different when she got home.

Her old owner had gotten her from a pet store as a kitten, but brought her to the cat rescue due to having insufficient time for Raven. Due to this, the cat was rather weary of people. Not only this, but she spent most of her time running around, jumping all over, and meowing constantly. However, once her nerves were calmed and she realized she was in a good place, she calmed down and became a sweet little cat.

Unfortunately, my dad wanted to return her some time later. I offered to take Raven in, and she was a complete mess when I got her. It turns out my dad and his girlfriend would have the girlfriend's nephew over, and he always chased after the cat and screamed loudly, which scared her and caused her to hide all the time. It took three months and LOTS of TLC to calm Raven down to the point where she wasn't getting upset over every little thing.

In terms of getting along with other cats, Raven, after some time, got along well with my other American short hair Maya. When I first got my dog, Raven was sweet and attentive, making sure he didn't get into trouble. However, when the dog got older and more playful, Raven was less thrilled to be around him.

To this day, Raven is sometimes still weary of people, though I kind of attribute that to having been moved to different homes a couple of times. She's very good with people she knows, but will go nowhere near strangers. In general, I think she's a lovely cat, and I believe that in other American Shorthairs as well.

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