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Patchwork Sally


Oklahoma, United States

Posted Mar 10, 2014

Sally is what is known as a dilute calico, meaning that instead of bright orange and dark gray or black markings, she has "faded"spots of pale apricot and light silver. This makes her very striking, and she knows it.

She isn't the first American Short hair for me, nor will she be the last. I love this breed of cat because even though they are individuals, they are more predictable than other cats.

Sally was a rescue, who lived in my yard for two years. When my husband and I moved in together, Sally came with us. She is now my husband's cat, or he is her human. She lives indoors now, and for an outside cat, I have to say that she was the easiest cat to litter train. She has the best litter box habits.

Like most cats that I have known who are calico, she has a tendency to bite occasionally. She isn't as bad as a tortoiseshell cat though. Sometimes she will get the "spirit" and decide to hunt and attack us, but it is easy to tell when she is going to get a little wild, since her pupils will dilate until her eyes are solid black.

The rest of the time, she is pretty calm. She spends most of her time sleeping or following us around out of curiosity. She is reasonably patient with children. Not so much with other animals though. She despises all other cats.

She was easy to train to be an inside cat, despite the fact that she spent so long outdoors. In a week I had her trained to not jump on the counters or onto certain pieces of furniture. Only once in a great while will she try it, and usually it is only if she is mad because my husband didn't pay her enough attention.

As I said, I adore this breed. They are playful enough to be cute, without needing to tear the house down to amuse themselves. Sally is super-healthy, and except for the the usual shots and check-ups, she needs no vet care. She isn't a picky eater either. And in the fall when the field mice try to move in, we can depend on Sally to catch them all. She then neatly places all the corpses in the bathtub for us to clean up later!

The only issue I ever have with her is that she does like to scratch furniture. No amount of toys or entertainment is as appealing I guess as the idea of ripping up some upholstery. And it would be nice if she would let us bring a second cat inside. Still, we wouldn't trade her for a dozen social cats.

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