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Miss Trudy: My Southern Belle


Greenville, South Carolina, United States

Posted Mar 06, 2014

This is the story of Miss Trudy. She is a southern cat – a southern belle – you might say. She is definitely ALL female! Although she is an indoor cat, she has neighboring male cats who visit her outside the sliding glass door of the patio. Being very intelligent, and naturally curious and “nosy,” she will always snoop – purses, closets, garbage disposal drain, you name it.

The way Trudy and I met was quite by chance. It was my birthday and I had been to lunch celebrating with a friend. Since it was a beautiful day and I was near the Humane Society and was without a pet at the time, I decided to stop in and take a look at the kittens. I needed something soft and cuddly to hold. I missed my cat, Camille, who had died about 2 years earlier. The kittens were cute, but….

On my way out of the building I passed a room that contained more cats. For the most part they were older, but I decided to stop in and take a look. Remember, I was just looking. I had absolutely no intention of adopting yet.

Over against the window was a cage with a kitten that was between 6 months to a year old. She looked very much like, Camille, my cat that had died. I couldn’t resist the urge to open her cage and take her out and hold her. Bad decision! She right away started to purr loudly and cling to me.

After a few minutes of holding this little bundle of affection, I decided that I better put her back in her cage, before I got too attached, and get on my way. Note, I said that I decided. She, however, had different ideas. In that short time, she had decided that I would make an excellent companion for her. With determination, Trudy immediately climbed up on my back so that I couldn’t extricate her. It was clear. No way was she going to let me put her back in that cage and walk away, and her determination worked that day and has been working ever since. That day, I was adopted!

Miss Trudy is a delight! She has given me so many hours of joy since she chose me and has owned me. You see, with dogs you choose them and you own them. With cats, it is just the opposite. They do the choosing and the owning.

Trudy is by far the spunkiest animal I have ever known. There have been many times when I have gotten her hairy eyeball and was scolded for some behavior that she considers non-appropriate. And, almost daily she tries to push the envelope by doing something that she knows is not acceptable to me, just to make sure she has my attention.

Oh, and if you have read my review of Parky, my dog, under Dachshunds, here is another one who LOVES to lie on her back, spread-eagle. That’s especially true on a sunny day when the sunshine is streaming in the sliding glass door to the patio. She lies in the sun and primps, rolls around and plays with her feet and thoroughly enjoys herself. She’s a little temptress and flirt. I call her my Bathsheba. Hmm, maybe that’s why the male cats in the neighborhood like to come and visit!

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