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Our Buddy, Ranger



Posted Feb 06, 2014

When our first cat, Kitty, passed away, our family decided that we couldn't go without having a pet in the household again. We were determined to rescue an older cat as we had the idea that kittens would be too much work.

We first saw Ranger the local pet store, where the local shelter keeps their potential adoptees. Ranger looked almost identical to Kitty, the same tuxedo colouring and adorable face. He was 5 months old but all concerns about kittens went out the window. Once he started meowing, we knew he had to come home with us.

Ranger is easily the most vocal cat I have ever encountered. He meows often and loudly, sometimes directly in your ear and with no regard to what time of day (or night) it is. We often joke that he thinks he is a dog, because he will play fetch and he can be very needy at times. In fact, in you aren't paying attention to him when he is whining, he will stand on his hind legs and poke you with this paw. He often does this through the rungs of the kitchen chairs; it was so unexpected the first time he did so, that I ended up jumping a mile, as did he.

For all that he loves attention, he isn't a lap cat. In fact, while he sometimes enjoys being carried around the house in our arms, he does not like to be sat in someone's lap. He is easily the more active of our two cats. Even as he has aged, Ranger has retained the playfulness he had as a kitten. I used to spend hours running around the house while he chased me, and once he learned all the shortcuts, I really had to step up my game! He certainly has hunter instincts, and he sporadically starts running around the house and bouncing off the furniture at high speed.

Despite the fact that he is not declawed, Ranger does not tend to scratch the family members in anger. His hissing tends to be limited to when people are wearing hats, which seem to confuse him into thinking they are strangers.

Ranger has been with us now for nine years and they have just flown by. All in all, I have found that the bicolour "black and white" cats are extremely friendly, good-natured cats. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a new pet.

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