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The Cat From Nowhere


United States

Posted Jan 13, 2014

My parents were moving out of their house when he decided to move in. The real estate agent had my phone number, and called when she heard the kitten cries coming from somewhere in the house. I told her that my parents had taken all the cats with them, and that there wasn't another cat in the house. She urged me to look for it, and deal with it, as it wasn't in her contract. After searching for a few hours, I found a tiny, orange tabby stuck in the drier vent from outside coming inside, and behind a few boxes. God knew how long the little guy was stuck in the empty house that was trying to be sold. I took him out, and he started purring immediately. I cradled the thing in my hand, and promptly took it to the vet's office.

The plan was to leave him there, until we figured out what to do with him, but I couldn't do it. My just 4-year-old daughter begged me to let us take it home, but when I thought about the prospects of our tiny apartment, that was already overrun with all her things, and adding all the extra paraphernalia that a cat would bring, I wanted to say no. My husband also urged me, and since he had nowhere else to go, I caved.

He is a fantastic cat. He plays on his own and very well with others. My in-laws have a little dog that he loves to chase up and down their hallway, and my parents have a rather large dog that he loves to tackle. My 4-year-old also plays with him, and he has never used his claws. When he's done playing, he'll cuddle with you on the couch, and watch TV, sometimes commenting on what's going on. My sister, when she watched him for a bit last September, said he had a certain fondness for K-Drama's. Grooming is no problem. He loves to be brushed, doesn't mind us clipping his fingernails, and is very used to having his teeth brushed once a week. We also started something new with him. He is only an indoor cat, but we felt that it was cruel and unusual punishment to keep him inside 24/7. So, about three times a week, we will put a harness on him, with a leash, and take him outside for a car ride, to go for a walk, or just to get out of the small apartment. He is the best pet that we've ever had, a very gentle soul, and wonderful personality. He was the cat from nowhere, that ended up cuddled in our hearts.

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