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United States

Posted Dec 23, 2013

I am definitely a cat person. Cats are not typically referred to as "Man's Best Friends," because unlike dogs, they're completely independent. However, this does not mean that cats are any less loyal or that they love any less than dogs do. I have a lot of experience with independent companions, cats and humans alike, and I can say with confidence that their love is very strong and sure. My cat Maddie loves me and she is my best friend. I do not know what I would do without her.

Maddie as a kitten was very playful but gentle and sweet. Now, as a thirteen year old adult, she is a lot less playful, but still just as gentle and sweet. With having multiple cats, Maddie has always acted motherly and gentle. She cleans the other cats, sleeps with them, and even waits patiently for them to eat before trying to eat herself.
She is trained and very intelligent, however, in her old age she still uses a litterbox but no longer covers her poo. She throws up a lot and has since childhood. It used to be concerning, then annoying, but now it is just routine. These things are not issues for me, because cat barf is pretty easy to clean up. She is also picky about food and will only eat if the food is fresh.

She is tiny and sweet and loving. She is very quiet and to herself. She hardly meows. She also has a "broken" purr. She purrs and it is obvious when she is content, but it sounds like a motor revving (this is not a complaint, just a detail that is unique to her).
She is definitely my cat. We are both alike in being quiet and to ourselves. She would sleep with me while she was growing up and when I still lived at my moms. No one in the family is as attached to her as I am. I would do anything for her. She has been a great companion for me, being just as motherly to me as to other cats. She even knows when I'm upset and lies in my lap. I love her.

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