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Pee Wee the Cleveland stray


Illinois, United States

Posted Dec 14, 2013

Pee Wee was a stray male kitten in Cleveland when my sister found him. He had short-hair and a pure white coat with green eyes. He came to my parent’s house when he was a year old. After two serious rounds of fleas, he kept his health to live a long and happy life.
Though he had a rough patch as a kitten, we don’t think his personality was affected. He was very friendly and liked to be in the mix. In these respects, I think he was more like a dog than an aloof cat. He would sleep on top of the TV in the kitchen when we were in there (this is back when TVs were big boxes that made a lot of heat). At night, if you were lying back on the couch, he would jump up and knead his front claws into your belly. As he aged, this became much more common. He was also an instinctive mouser! Though we didn’t get many, we knew when one was in the house because Pee Wee would stake out in front of the cabinet where he smelled them.
As far as care, he needed to be brushed to keep his coat clean and to control his shedding. My mom said that for years after his passing, she would find his hairs stuck in different places around the house. He was also a cranky morning person in that we would whine in the morning until he was fed. He would even knock down his can of food off of the low shelf until my dad fed him.
He passed after about 16 years. He was one of the best pets I ever had or could ask for.

NOTE: Pic is an excellent match for Pee Wee - he liked to make daring leaps!

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