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Cats for People Who Aren't Cat People


Wyoming, United States

Posted Dec 13, 2013

I have had American Shorthairs all of my life. We've always just referred to them as barn cats and didn't realize they had an official name. They really are a mixed bag, but out of the 10 cats I've had, they've all been lots of fun. I currently have two male shorthairs, and they are a riot. They are from the same litter, so they have always been together. As I write this review, I've got one in my lap and the other perched on the top of my office chair.

I teach guitar lessons from my home, and my cats welcome all of my students. Sometimes they will curl up in their guitar cases and sleep during the lesson. I have several special needs students, and they love talking about and petting them. I teach them to play the "Soft Kitty" song from The Big Bang Theory, and the kids just love it. It is almost as if they cats can tell that these kiddos need extra attention and loves, because they will "talk" for them and lay next to them while they are learning new songs.

While these two are litter mates, one of them vocalizes by chirping and trills and the other one meows in a soft sing-song voice. Both are quite pleasant and conversational. They love interactive play, usually with a fishing pole type toy or the laser pointer. They also love exploring outside in my well fenced and secure yard. They do acrobatic flips and jumps, and I swear the yellow tabby bucks like a horse when he's feeling silly. They are expert snugglers and love watching TV with us at night. They do like to claw furniture, but this was easily remedied with a scratching post, some puzzle toys, and more intensive play time.

I feed only high quality Blue Buffalo cat food, and I vary their diet with cooked ground beef, shredded chicken pieces, or the occasional piece of cheddar cheese. My vet says they are the healthiest cats he has ever seen in his office. Never once have they been sick or ill, I only take them in for yearly check-ups and vaccinations. They were fixed as soon as they were old enough and are not too territorial, although they do hate the neighbor's weeny dogs.

Overall though, the best thing I can say about my little guys is that they won over the heart of my husband. He is most definitely not a cat person, he doesn't like pets period. When I brought these two home he was not all that excited, but within a matter of days they had become his two little buddies. I came home one day and could not find them. I was in a panic when I looked out on our front lawn to find two little kittens balled up on my scary construction worker's chest, reading the Cabela's Catalog in the sunshine. Apparently, they like football too and really enjoy watching Boise State play, lol. Whether you are looking for your first pet, or you are an avid cat lover, American Shorthairs will steal your heart if you let them.

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