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Toby :)


Missouri, United States

Posted May 21, 2009

Toby is a grey tabby cat. He is now 2 years old. He bites me quite a lot, but i must admit, I do rough play with him. He does not bite other strangers, unless it is soft play. If there are to many strangers (5 or more) in the house, he hides. He hates dogs, and hides when one is near. He hates cats, he tried to attack one recently. We own another cat at the moment. She is 14 and not the friendliest. She is getting better now that she is older, but still not very nice to strangers (or family). she dislikes cats and dogs too, although she is more agressive, and sometimes, if cornered, fights back (with dog). She once ripped a cat up (not litteraly).Toby is very friendly, just a bit shy around strangers. He is very playful, and now that sox is older, she is more playful too. Both are very pretty and upkept. Sox pulls out hair in the summer though, and makes a big mess. Toby has just recently started shedding, but he doesnt rip his hair out. Sox accepts new animals (rodents, birds, etc) and knows not to hurt them, although i would not trust her alone, since she has killed animals outside. Toby is an indoor cat but still has instincts, and every once in awhile tries to punce on my hamster or rats.
Sox and toby do not get along. Toby pounces and bothers sox. sox fights back though. this is just dominance, and u should get used to it, unless they are introduced b4, like other cats, and are close in age. I have had a cat before these 2 named Kado. He was the best cat you could ever have. not agressive, hes fun, loveing, and smart. He liked to pounce on sox too. about 10-11 months after we got him, he died of a heart disease.
Cats are wonderful, but take lots of effort. They are lots of fun though! I encourage you to get one :)

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