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Posted Nov 13, 2013

If you’re looking for a unique animal that’s worth a fortune, or to win a show then the Domestic Short Haired probably isn’t the most sensible cat for you to pick up, but if ever there were a keen survival instinct and wonderful indoor manners combined, the Short Haired cat would be your best bet.
An outdoor animal by nature, most Short Haired have the cunning instincts and personality of a tiger without the sloppy mess. He can be aggressive and very territorial, but so long as your intentions aren’t for breeding purposes then you shouldn’t have a problem. Most of the real aggression dies away once the animal is neutered.
Short Haired are also highly responsive to new environments while developing wonderful personalities of their own; probably one of the few animals I’ve ever owned myself that looks me directly in the eye when I address him, and his loyalty carries on with the right amount of love and respect. He is a heavy cuddler too, so unless you teach your Short Haired early on, you might want to make a permanent spot on your bed for your pet to lie down on.
That is one important key to training your Domestic Short Haired cat though; early training. Not as aggressive as other felines out there so long as the neighborhood is relatively cat free, but my Short Haired (Mushu) was an outdoor when I got him, so survival instincts definitely become a high point for the animal in that case.
Finally, it should be noted that a Short Haired won’t let you push him around either… if you have an attitude, then he has one too, and he’ll lash out to calm you down a few pegs if you don’t behave yourself well enough, making a Short Haired a personality that you can enjoy for many years to come.

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