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He was a kitten rejected by his mother.


United States

Posted Nov 10, 2013

A friend had a litter of kittens from her cat. At just four weeks I took my Tiger home, his mother would not feed him and kept putting him far away from her other kittens. He was slow to grow, I fed him with an eye dropper for about four weeks and then moved him to kitten chow.

He was very affectionate and mellow even as a kitten and once he started eating on his own he gained weight quickly. I had him neutered as soon as he was old enough. He had some health problems. He had infection of the intestines and stomach twice in the first two years. He got so overweight that he had problems with his anal glands, after a few very expensive trips to the vet to deal with infections my veterinarian taught me how to express his anal glands at home and recommended that I do it at least every other week. Once I started the regimen of at home care he had no more problems with infection.

When I moved from Florida to New Mexico I left him with a very close friend who is a cat person and already knew and loved him. I drove the 1700 mile trip and because the cat had extreme anxiety on even very short car rides I felt it would be better not to subject him to the trip. He has thrived under her care and had lost weight because now he is able to go outside and play in her yard, I had always lived in apartments in areas where going outside would be very dangerous for a cat.

In hindsight I think he needed more exercise but had no way to get it in my tiny apartment. I think people tend to forget that cats need to be active to be healthy. The cost of caring for his medical needs was high, but now that he has lost weight his new owner tells me she no longer has to express his glands more often than every few months and he has been declared healthy by the vet at his last two checkups.

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