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Cleo the Calico


United States

Posted Nov 09, 2013

There are many, many cats in shelters very similar to my cat Cleo. I am generally more of a dog person, but began my pet-ownership with a cat, as they are easier to care for and require less attention. My husband owned Cleo before I met him, and had already dealt with her pre-spay days. Apparently she was quite the terror back then, leaving claw marks everywhere and musk trails. She ruined a carpet in an apartment. Now she has entered the "glory" days phase of her life and spends her time napping on our bed. That's pretty much what she does, all day, every single day. The occasional ball of tin foil or scent of Icy Hot will send her running and amp her up like she's on drugs. But I like her low-key attitude these days. I will say, to anyone considering a cat, think very carefully about how much you like to clean. I am a neat and tidy lady, so the stench of the litter box is one of my dreaded opponents. There is nothing in this world so putrid as cat piss. No matter how nice and neat the box is kept, Cleo will scrabble in it and kick out litter. At least she does bury her business; some cats do not. And worse, they are largely untrainable. When we had another cat staying with us (roommates) the feline tension led to pee happening outside of the litter box. As in, cats were peeing in our living room. Cat urine is very difficult to remove, it never completely goes away. And if the scent remains, cats will continue to see the spot as an acceptable place to relieve themselves. Science is amazing, providing us with enzymatic products that actually "eat" the particles of odor. But they only work so well, never 100 percent of the way. The fighting cats made us experience a trying time of seeing just how far the frustration could go with Cleo, before we had to come up with a different solution. The roommates have moved, and now Cleo's back to ruling the roost solo again. She's free to despise our dogs from the other side of the baby gate and sleep her life away. And that's how we like her!

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