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Clancy, the One Eyed Wonder


Georgia, United States

Posted Oct 08, 2013

As with most stray cats, you never get a chance to adopt them, they adopt you. Granny Grump was a beautiful calico cat that adopted our family. She enjoyed the traditional petting but was quite demanding and became upset when you didn't give her the attention she demanded. Apparently she was the same way with the boy cats in the neighborhood.

She came home one day with her ear all scratched up and bleeding so we took her to the vet. After an exam, the vet told us that we were going to have kittens. He alos told us that her injuries probably occured during the "throws of passion". You can imagine, as a teenage boy, I snickered as I was listening to the vet.

She had 3 kittens, the cutest one was Clancy, a tortise colored kitten. Shortly after the 3 kittens were born, clancy became an only child. Apparently the mother cat had performed a litter reduction and ate the other 2 kittens. I am sure you can see why we named her Granny Grump. As Clancy grew up, she developed a severe eye infection that rendered her one eye blind.

Unlike her mother, Clancy was the sweetest cat around. She was just really gross to look at with that blue, bulging eye. The vet insured us that she was not in pain and that this kind of infection was not that uncommon with outdoor cats. He said it was caused my a parasite. Shortly after we got her home, we found out that she too had fallen prey to charms of one of the male cats in the neighborhood. We were going to have kittens again.

Clancy gave birth to a litter of 3 cute kittens. Unfortunately, none of them had survived due to a sickness and Granny Grump took care of them in her own special way. That alone was disturbing to have a cat eat their young, but to have the grandmother cat eat their grandchildren, it definitely bordered on a wierd, Stephen King horror novel. By the time we got around to taking Clancy to get fixed, we found out we were too late. She was pregnant again. After another batch of 3 sick kittens that Granny Grump decided to remove from this earth, we got Clancy fixed.

I left college shortly after Clancy's last litter so I didn't get to see her everyday. Mom and Dad told me that Granny Grump just stopped showing up one day. Clancy, on the other hand, stayed around and lived out her days as a very happy, one eyed cat.

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