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JoJo gave me my most memorable Christmas


Georgia, United States

Posted Oct 08, 2013

My first cat was JoJo that I got when I was 8 years old. He was an orange stripped tabby cat and was quite adventurous. We initially got JoJo as a kitten because it reminded my mother of her cat that she had growing up. He old cat was also named JoJo (Do you think she had any influence with picking out my kitten and naming him?). JoJo was a rough and tumble kitten turned into the same as a cat. The good thing is we lived in the country, so JoJo's adventurous side definitely came out.

As with many outdoor cats, they typically bring little gifts to their owners. JoJo was no stranger to bringing us home some nice gifts. One string of gifts apparently brought out his artistic side. Each day, when JoJo would present his gifts to me, he would literally line them up next to his last gift. Before I was made to clean them up, we had counted 8 little and medium size forest creatures all placed in an almost perfect line.

As JoJo became more adventurous, apparently on a cold December day, he decided to venture over into our neighbors yard down the street. Our neighbor down the street was no ordinary neighbor, they were actually an archery club. As a boy, this was a great neighbor to have. When they were closed, we would go wandering around find all of the mis-shot arrows that were never found. I had quite the collection of arrows. Unfortunately, when JoJo went over there to explore, the archery club was very much still open. JoJo also found one of those mis-shot arrows. Unfortunatley, he was a victim of one of those arrows and it went through his abdomin area. He was able to make it home and we found him meowing terribly one afternoon. We immediately scooped him up and took him to the vet. They patched him up and we thought everything was going to be good.

A couple days later we found out that everyting wasn't good. It was Christmas morning and everyone in the house was woken up by a loud, blood curdling "MEOWWWWWWWW!" I got up and came downstairs, on Christmas Morning, to find that JoJo had died. He decided to die in the middle of the traintrack set that my dad had put together for me as my big Christmas gift that year. Just picture a young boy, coming down on Christmas morning to see his huge train set that had been mounted on a 4x8 sheet of plywood with grass, trees and some buildings and then in the middle of it all is a dead cat.

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