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Bear the WonderCat


United States

Posted Sep 13, 2013

It's a fact, people resemble their pets. Okay, maybe it's not fact, per se, but it is startling how often people say to me hey you look just like Bear when you tilt your head to the side like that. Not that I'm trying to wow you with my feline tendencies but if you saw us together you'd know what I'm talking about.

Bear is the kind of cat that will wake you up in the morning with snuggles galore. Too much some times but his furry warm body makes up for any of the grumps you get from having to get out of bed a 6:30 in the morning because he's on a strict food regimen. It's our fault we baby him.

He's actually not necessarily a full American Shorthair. He's part Persian as well so maybe that's where he get's some of his temper. I'm kidding.

One important thing to remember though is you have to monitor your pets very closely because any change in their behavior can alert you to some much needed medical attention.

For a few days bear wasn't feeling well. It came on pretty quick. Mostly meowing a bunch and not too interested in his food. This led us to think maybe it was the heat. Then he started drinking a ton of water and going into the litter box multiple times. Even though he went to the litter box multiple times there was no "clumps" so we started to get worried. Turns out we were right to worry. Bear had developed a problem with his urinary tract. It was so bad that he almost died. We had to rush him to the emergency room at our local pet clinic. Luckily, with some quick action on behalf of the Veterinarian Staff there we were able to avert a near catastrophe.

Bear had to remain in ICU for six days to replenish his system with fluids and electrolytes. His little kidneys were not working right under the strain of his water intake and output so he went into shock. Once the fluids were back in his body he started to perk up and it wasn't long before we were able to get him home.

My suspicion of what caused it was nerves because everything else was the same, but we've since moved to a much more peaceful environment he hasn't shown any signs of relapse. Thankfully.

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