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My Beloved American Shorthair Cat - Pearl


Newport Beach, California, United States

Posted Sep 03, 2013

I met Pearl at a Vet's office on Christmas Eve. She had just given birth to 2 kittens and had been left there by a Cat Rescue Group. She and her kittens had no place to go for Christmas so we took them home with us intending to follow up and have them all adopted. We ended up keeping the mommy, whom we named Pearl and one of her babies, who had become blind due to an eye disease. We named him Patches. A friend of my twin sister's adopted the other kitten, and she named him Freddy.

We already had a family cat, a male named Cuddles, who immediately became jealous of Pearl. She handled herself well however and just stayed out of his way. Cuddles loved Patches though and so that was not a problem. Pearl was a wonderful and loving mother to both her kittens.

For the first three years we owned Pearl she didn't really warm up to us. I guess she'd been homeless or had been passed around to family after family and really didn't feel confident that she we were giving her a "forever home". Finally she started warming up to us, cuddling with us, visiting with friends and family when they would come over and in general just relaxing more and asking for what she wanted. It was beautiful to see. She liked being with us watching TV or using the computer, apparently enjoying our company.

We never had to worry about Pearl getting out as she was terrified of being outside and would immediately get back into the patio or wait by the door to be let in. I think she was terrified of being "lost" again.

As time went on we noticed that she was gaining weight. When she would eat just about anything and eventually weighed in at 20 lbs. We had to put her on a diet and after a few months she lost 8 lbs. We had no luck getting her to exercise however, and we tried everything. Pearl just likes to relax, look out the window and watch TV. She loves being petted and cuddled and purrs easily.

She's not really friendly with small children but very friendly with everyone else. She loves to come out and visit when we have company. One thing she doesn't do though is play with toys. We have them all over, but again, she is lazy.

As she has gotten older we have had to watch what she eats. She is just getting over Pancreatic Inflammation due to the oil in her cat food. She is now eating dry food and her wet food must be low in oil, preservatives and chemicals. We don't give her Cheez-its or potato chips anymore either.

We have just adopted 3 kitties that we were fostering and Pearl is showing some jealousy, especially at the beginning. However she does like watching them play, although she doesn't join in. Just recently I caught her grooming one of the kittens and letting them snuggle with her, so she is warming up. I think we will be fine as long as she gets her fair share of attention.

I recommend this breed to families with children over 8 years old. There will be health considerations since this breed does tend to gain weight.

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