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My American Shorthair


United States

Posted Jul 28, 2013

I actually found this cat outside, living in a tool shed at the end of my garden. She was about 2 weeks old, very frail, near death. I scooped her up and rushed to my vet's office. She was very weak, dehydrated, and her eyes were sealed shut. The vet managed to save one of her eyes, and Maria Anna, although never voiced any complaints (smile), she did run up and down my driveway, climb trees, and even managed to catch a few mice that were living in my garage.

While she never met any other people or came in contact with dogs, I think she may have been okay with them. She never grew very much, maintaining a dwarf like quality about her. She loved drinking heavy cream and fancy feast (beef). I did spoil her, because I felt bad for this little baby being left for dead; whoever gave birth to her must have known she was not perfect and just left her to die. If you would have seen this little thing, crying in my tool shed, it would have broken your heart. To make up for her hard start in life, I absolutely spoiled her. I have no children and live alone, so she became my friend. She followed me all over my property, even rode with me in the car during cooler climates (I never took her in the car with me when the weather was hot.) Eventually Maria Anna started riding my shoulder. I did not mind so much, except that in the summer time when I wore a thin tee shirt, her fish hook nails would puncture my skin.

She curled up in bed with me, sleeping right by my face and I used to love to hear her snore and purr. She never thoroughly developed, and had some breathing problems. She was a loud snorer. When she slept, she had REM and I always wondered what a cat could be dreaming about.

Except for the initial vet bills (eye removal, antibiotics, extra nutrition food), she was very inexpensive to keep. I always spent more on her food, trying to get her to grow, not that it worked. She stayed a dwarf. I had her for two years. I don't know what took her life. I woke up one morning and she was laying on my bed, as alwasys, on her side. I knew she had passed when I saw her, because she did not sleep in the position in which I found her. She looked like she just fell over on her side. I was devestated. I could not belive that God had taken her. She was only 2 years old and I had grown to love her so much. I am a computer coder and live alone in the country. I work at home. This cat had come to be my entire world. Even thinking of her now brings tears to my eyes. I miss her so much.

It is so funny, but when a new animal comes into your life, you never think about them leaving you. I thought I would have her forever. It is so cruel that she was only in my life for two short years. I don't know where she came from. The vet told me that she probably was never going to live anyway, because she was a bit deformed and the mom-cat abandoned her because something was wrong with her health. The vet is very nice and I think she was trying to make me feel not as bad; she told me that I gave Maria Anna 2 years of a wonderful life, that she would not have had without me.

Sounds funny, I know, but Anna Maria had this very unique scent about her. She was always cleaning herself and she kind of smelled like clean sheets after you get them off of the clothes line. Sometimes I think that I catch her scent and she has been gone from her for six weeks at the writing of this review. I really believe that because I love her so much, her spirit is still here in the house with me.

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