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Posted Jul 17, 2013

In my opinion Smokey is and always has been the perfect mix between independent and tremendously loving. She is always there when I need some cheering up but she also appreciates her alone time, which makes for a very agreeable dynamic between us. Even as she ages and spends more time napping, she is always happy to see me and gives me a few meows when I come in. She absolutely loves to be brushed daily and I can say confidently that her coat looks and feel much better for it. Smokey has very emotive eyes - more so than most other cat breeds that I have been in contact with. I feel as if she can say she loves me through her eyes just as easily as she communicates annoyance when I am not awake on time to act as her 9 am food dispenser.

Smokey has always been a bit of a quirky cat, which only makes her more interesting to me. As you can see in the photos, she has a knack for sitting in some odd looking positions, including with her face no more than two inches from the wall - just staring at it. She has a great love for the outdoors and is fascinated when you let her out on to the lawn. However, I have never been able to get her to go for a walk as she despises all cat leashes and will simply sit on the ground and try to get the thing off of her. If she is indoors, she has always had the tendency to meow at the birds and make an interesting clicking noise that I have always assumed is a predatory reaction. This habit has been a source of both amusement and irritation because although it is funny to listen to, it is much less funny at three in the morning.

Smokey is terrified of most moving things when she is actually faced with them and for this reason she would not be a suitable farm cat. She will pursue spiders from afar, however if they approach her she will flee without a second thought. Battery powered mouse toys are Smokey’s worst fear and although she has had very limited experience dealing with dogs and other types of pets, I fear that anything other than a cat for a friend would cause her stress initially. This may be due to the fact that she has only ever known other cats and humans and thus it may not be a reflection of the breed as a whole. When her sister was alive (a female Russian blue) they got along splendidly, however in their brief disagreements she was often the submissive partner. She has never particularly enjoyed being picked up and held, typically preferring to sit on a lap for cuddling purposes. This has worked well for me because I have never been very interested in having her nails on my body and generally object to de-clawing pets as a rule.

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