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Mr. T


United States

Posted Jul 13, 2013

I never thought I would be a pet owner until we had a little, scrawny cat meowing at the front door of our apartment. He had belonged to the couple in the adjacent building but notoriously roamed around outside. One day, we had found that the couple had moved out, taking their large boxer, but not the cat. We started taking the cat in twice a day to feed him and give him shelter from the Texas heat. When we moved, we took him with us.

My father had an unfortunate accident -- he fell at least five stories off of a building and landed on his tailbone -- shattering it. Before we had taken "T" in officially, my father needed to keep active. During his time away from work, he would walk around the apartment complex.. with T in tow. T would follow him around, keep him company, and made sure he got home alright. After their walk, they would lay in the recliner together -- T on my father's lap.

Ever since, he has been the king of the household. He's getting on in years but is still as active and affectionate as ever. He has strongly bonded with us but loves the extra attention when company is in the house. Not to mention... he LOVES women. Any women in the house is subject to be immediately loved on. With the new house, we had the perfect addition for him -- a cat door that led to a screened-in patio. He now spends his days laying in the sun and coming in to snooze on the couch when it becomes too warm. (He's even leash-trained!) He tends to drool when he purr's but I'll take that as him telling him that he loves me.

He was named "T" because, according to his previous owners, he got into some trouble -- knocking down and shattering a bunch of precious tea cups. Such a troublemaker, that kid.

He's my best friend and I wouldn't know what to do without him.

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