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Posted Jul 06, 2013

I love my cat, Valentine. But I've also worked with plenty of American shorthairs. In general, I've found them to be awesome cats who like attention and can be very vocal when need be. They certainly know what they want, but I might be saying that just because my cat is begging me for food right now.

Appearance: Short fur, bright eyes, long tail.

Health/Vigor: My Valentine has been quite healthy, but he's also a pig - he will eat himself sick if he could. He also has some diseases in the background that can flair up from time to time.

Friendly: Valentine is just a friendly cat, as most shorthairs I work with are. They come right up to strangers, or at least have enough curiosity to eventually do so. With dogs, they can be anywhere tolerant to friends to pushing them around. With cats, they can be put off at first, but not entirely unwelcoming - a hiss here and there. Might need some help winning over a new cat.

Activity level: My cat can be active if he wants to be, but mostly when he goes into "alien mode" at the end of he day and runs around like crazy.

Vocalization: The second I wrote this out, my cat meowed in annoyance at not being fed. They are vocal when they need to be, and sometimes when they just want attention.

Destructive Behaviors: My cat can tear into things at time, but doesn't really perform any major destruction.

Maintenance/Care: They don't need groomers because their fur is short, which is a plus, and if you give them plenty of attention, you're golden!

Low cost to own: My cat has several issues that can become a problem - vet bills will become the majority of cost. Aside from that, food, litter box, toys, litter, and you're good to go!

Friendly cats with lots of love to give - American shorthairs are the best! Of course, I might be biased...I have two..

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