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Duchess - A cat that lived up to her name


United States

Posted Jul 02, 2013

Duchess was an American Shorthair that was given to us about a month after she was born from a good friend of ours. She had a regal appearance, so we named her Duchess. And she lived the lifestyle of one too! American Shorthairs are also the most popular cat in America due to their friendly and active nature.

Duchess, unlike most American Shorthairs, was laid back and didn't like to be active. She preferred a comfy warm spot in a lap full of love, and that's what she did all the time. While most American Shorthairs are active and friendly towards others, Duchess was extremely shy. She only showed warmth towards us, her direct family she saw every day. Strangers, dogs, and even other cats she would run away from and hide away until they were gone.

Whenever Duchess wanted attention, she would paw your arm once. If she wanted food, twice. She had an odd way of getting our attention, and rarely ever meowed unless we purposely ignored her pawings. We didn't have to worry about her eating anything she shouldn't have as she would only eat the food we put in her tray.

She was extremely easy to take care of. She only required a bath semi-weekly, and she took to baths very well so it was not a hassle having her cleaned and groomed. Vet bills were minimal, until the day she got an infected liver, at which point she had to be put down.

Overall, our cat Duchess was an oddball of American Shorthairs. Most American Shorthairs are active and fun-loving cats that will appreciate any person that's willing to play and interact with them. If you're looking for a cat where children of any age can safely play with them, or you just want a cat that's active and willing to play, American Shorthair cats are a definite go!

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