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Posted May 24, 2013

I have owned cats all my life; I've never gone longer then a year without one. This particular cat i found with his sister only a few weeks old, curled in a cat bed in a shopping cart at Petco. Someone had dropped them off who had found them abandoned on the side of the highway but couldn't take them home. After buying more cat food i instantly took them with me. His sister was only around a year or so before she ran away. She had always been adventurous and far from territorial. She had gotten lost several times before but one time never came home.
He on the other hand is very territorial and although his health is fairly good he constantly comes home with wounds from fighting. His most recent injury just taking place a few days ago. His whole left side of his neck has been shaved in order to heal a very large bite wound.
He's never been friendly with other outdoor cats but when we introduced a new kitten to the family a few years later he took to her fairly fast after a couple days of mild teasing.
He does have issues with his eyes from time to time witch get infected fairly easily but they usually clear up fast and with little or no vet visits. He doesn't like to be held or touched a lot and is very independent. Although if you lay still he'll come up and lay on you for awhile. Hes a friendly cat just not very physically affectionate unless hes trying to bribe treats from you.
I wouldn't recommend him to a family with any small child cause i can see him easily agitated with any grabby toddler hands, and when hes upset he does scratch from time to time. I couldn't see him being an indoor cat at all either, he gets anxious and angry when he gets locked in the house for too long although that could just be out of the freedom to always come and go as he pleased since he was a kitten.
If your looking for a cat to cuddle and be at home all the time this isn't the one. Although he does have quite the personality and is a great addition to the household.

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