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Shorthairs and Mixed Shorthairs


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Posted May 22, 2013

I have owned shorthairs and mixes my entire life. My latest cat was a mix. His mother was a shorthair and I never got to see his father. He ended up having medium length hair and didn't look at all like his mother.

Most of all the cats that I have owned have been outdoor cats. I live on a farm and they have always helped with controlling mice. I find that both males and females hunt. The males tend to less than the females.

I have only had a cat once or twice and it has always been for a couple of weeks while they were little. I prefer outdoor cats and don't like them in my house. The main reason is that I hate litter boxes. I hate when the cats kick the litter onto the floor and the smell. So, it is outdoor cats for me. Now, there are some good and bad points I have found with my own outdoor cats. I really can't rate indoor ones.

- The cats are relatively easy to take care of. With the hair being short, it doesn't hold dirt. This breed also does well on a good cat food and doesn't require a specialized diet unless they have health problems.
- Our cats have always been very friendly. They will let strangers pet them and don't tend to hide.
- Kittens love to play and can be funny to watch.
- Since I have had this breed off and on since I was four years old, I can say they are good with kids. They are patient and don't tend to get mad easily.
- Our cats have always been good around dogs because they were raised with them. We had one kitten that would sleep on our dogs back and pull his fur up to make it fluffy around him.
- Our cats have always been good with each other and if we had a litter of kittens. The males will fight with other males that weren't ours though.
- This breed makes very good mousers.
- There is a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from.

- If the cats aren't fixed, they are prolific breeders. We were good about fixing our cats but, we still ended up with a couple litters when we were late getting the females to the vet.
- If a male cat isn't fixed it tends to roam.

Overall, this has been a good breed for my family and myself. I have laughed and cried over this breed. With owning them for at least 30 years, I have had many die on me and had to find homes for others when we moved. I still keep coming back though.

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