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American Shorthairs - living the dream one nap at a time


Florida, United States

Posted May 10, 2013

American Shorthairs are everywhere, and that's great news. These cats are loyal, loving, and frisky. They seem to be in different moods throughout the day. I have had tons of experience with this breed. I have noticed that many things vary from cat to cat. One thing that doesn't seem to change is their lack of activity most of the time. They enjoy laying with you while you are watching TV, playing on the computer, reading a book, and doing homework. These cats are independent, but seemingly emotionally needy. I have had the honor of gaining a new feline friend due to marriage. This nine year old cat is a little different from the ones that reside in my mother's house. Maddie likes to have attention. When you are not giving her attention, she will let you know. If you lock her out of a place she wants to be in, she will make you aware of your mistake. If you do her wrong, she will show you what it's like to be done wrong. She has quite the attitude at times. We still love her though, just like you will love your own American Shorthair.

Depending on the color of the cat's fur, it can be difficult to avoid the shedding associated with their fur. Our cat has black fur, and it ends up all over our white or light colored clothing. If you pet them after a short time of not running a brush through their hair, it will fly into the air.

I would definitely recommend this cat for couples or single adults who are out often. They fend for themselves physically in great ways. Prepare to make up for your time away with personal one-on-one time with your feline friend. They rarely take no for an answer. It is a comfort to be needed after a stress-filled day.

I wouldn't recommend this breed for families with young children, unless they're raised around them. Bringing them in from a shelter could be risky in that department; that is from my experience though.

Consider this breed when looking for someone to come home to after a long day at work. Petting the soft short hair of this cat will do great things for your health, as will the reward of getting them to purr. Give them your love, and they shall return the favor.

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