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Taz, the Cat-dog


United States

Posted Apr 16, 2013

Over the years, I’ve loved many everyday type cats. You know what I mean: the Tabbies and Calicos that are frequently found among strays or feral groups. I grew up in a mostly rural area, so stray and feral cats were easy to find. (Unfortunately, people tend to dump cats in the country areas.)
My mom, to whom pets were a bad word, began feeding a calico cat that showed up at our house. I guess its beauty and pathetic whines penetrated her heart. A couple of months later, she had kittens. When they started getting bigger, the mother cat carried them one by one from the woods to our home. I fell in love with one kitten in particular. He was an adventurous grey Tabby. He grew very big like the feral cats around our home, but he always loved me. All I had to do was venture outside and call for Taz. He would come running from the woods or from across the street. He followed me around outside like a dog would do. If I lay down on the porch, he would climb on my chest and purr as he listened to my heartbeat. I still miss him, and he died in 1998.
Unfortunately, I’ve also had a couple domestic short-hair cats that were not so much fun. One stray I brought in was very annoying. She went into heat and sprayed inside my leather dress shoes. As we discovered one night cooking dinner, she also spent time on the stove. She had sprayed a burner. I thought the smell would kill me! Later in life, I let my nieces talk me into buying a domestic short-hair cat from a pet store. Even though I had this cat since it was a kitten, we never really bonded. She would eliminate in odd places. Sometimes, it seemed she was angry, so she would purposely pee and poop in my bed!
My advice: Pick your cat carefully. Make sure it appears friendly and seems drawn to someone who lives in your home. Always keep a clean litter box available. Finally, be sure to spay or neuter your cat.

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