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Cats and Why I Love Them


Idaho, United States

Posted Feb 06, 2013

Currently I only own two cats, but I've have several cats since I was just an infant. I own one male and one female. Cats are my favorite of all animals to own because they are the sweetest, in my opinion, and easiest to take care of.

My male cat is named Ricky and he's an orange tabby. He's incredibly sweet and docile. He loves kittens and children. He never minds when they run at him, tug at him, or are a little rambunctious. He's the most patient cat I've ever seen. It's as if he knows they are just a baby and don't know any better, so he simply just lies there and let's to do whatever they want. He never strikes at them and sticks out his claws. Ricky also loves to get hugs and hug you in return. He also really loves cat beds.

He's got a very motherly streak. When my current female cat was a kitten he would pull her close to him and bathe her. He'd also meow at me when to fill the food bowl, but not because he wanted the food. He did it so that the kitten was fed on time and he'd stand there and watch her while she ate and wouldn't move in to eat himself until she was done. (Oh yeah, and he also notifies me daily when to clean his litterbox.)

Ricky may be a little talkative because he likes thing done to make sure things are taken care of, but he's very loving and affectionate. He hates to not be in the same room as me and he loves everyone. He is a little afraid of men though, I suppose because of their deep voices because I discovered from a long car trip with him while moving that he had anxiety from deep voiced singer (like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith) but would lay down and be perfectly at peace to softer toned males. I guess he has his own ear for music.

The female cat I own, Neffie (short for Nefertiri) is an American shorthair as well, but she's mixed with an African wildcat. She's petite and even more dependent toward me than Ricky. She has to be on my lap at every second. She follows me whenever I get up and waits for me at the door if I go to the bathroom.

She's five years old and loves to play fetch, she's very playful, and also very talkative. Like Ricky, if you speak to her she will answer back and gets very vocal if you are not in the same room as her. She is a bit more skittish when a lot of people are in the room she doesn't know, but she won't hide. She might just remove herself to get a good look from afar until she sees it's safe. She usually gets over that very fast.

Both of them hate dogs though, and get severe anxiety over them so I could never have them in a household with dogs ever again.

So overall, like other shorthaired tabbies I have owned they are very lovable, sweet cats. They tend to get lazier as they age and I find them to be low maintenance and genuinely loving despite the stereotypical viewpoint of all cats being standoffish.

However, I did get both these cats from a shelter and I have noticed that all the cats I have rescued from shelters are 100 times more loving and grateful toward you than cats you might get at pet store or from a friend whose cat has had kittens. I would recommend shelter cats more because of this.

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