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Posted Jan 15, 2013

Spaz is my cat's name. He is sitting next to me now.

What can I share about an American shorthair:

He has an insane amount of energy for a very short period of time. Every morning he runs around the house like his tail is on fire. Then he sleeps all day.

He climbs on everything! Shelves that can't hold him, the rail at the top of the blinds, anything. It seems that his mission in life is to get as high off the ground as possible, sometimes with disastrous results.

He has his claws. I wouldn't want somebody ripping my nails out. We have gone through two spray bottles teaching him not to scratch the furniture.

He loves to fight, but if you don't clip his nails and put a cloth over your hand, you will bleed.

Here's the best part: when I get home from work, he greets me at the door and follows me until I sit. Then climbs into my lap.

When we sleep at night, he gets so close to my face, I have to push him down so I can breathe.

Advice: Get him or her fixed as soon as possible. The mellow a bit but he seems much happier with himself.

If you can avoid introducing them to cats that vocalize, do. Our kid didn't make a noise until he moved into my in-laws during a move and the female there taught him to yell about everything, usually when you are trying to get to sleep or stay asleep.

Finally, know that he is smarter than you. Well, not technically smarter, just really good at manipulating you. If you hear him scratching at the door and get up to stop him, he will do it over and over, just to get your attention. You are under your cat's power. Don't kid yourself. Who fills the food dish, cleans the toilet and does all the petting. See... I told you. You are your pet's pet.

I recommend an American shorthair, particularly a male, for houses that have adults who don't mind being vigilant.

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