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My Pet Tiger (American Curl)


West Virginia, United States

Posted Nov 07, 2013

My American Curl cat is one of those cats you never have to worry about hurting anyone, including little ones. We've had "Tiger" for the last six years and he's one of the most loving cats we have. He gets along with the two other cats that we have (one is his sister, the other is one we adopted later on). He did have trouble getting used to the third cat, but he tolerates him now and plays with him occasionally. Tiger has never bitten or scratched anyone in our family, even when my children were younger. He likes being carried like a baby, and occasionally will sleep at the bottom of our bed.

There are only two negatives behaviors that Tiger has. The first is rather irritating, but he makes up for it in the love that he brings to our family. We've went through several different types of litter boxes because Tiger kept urinating outside the litter box and on the wall. We tried a bigger litter box with a back on it, and the practice still kept occurring. We now have one with a lid over it and he does better with it; however, there are times when he will still urinate outside the entrance. It's like he's being too lazy to squat down and pee.

He also has a habit of scratching my couch. He does not do this much anymore, but there are a few occasions recently in which he has been caught scratching the couch. We did not smack him, spray him, or do anything like that to get him to stop; simply saying "Stop" in a loud voice got his attention and he stopped doing it.

Tiger has seen other animals in our house, including guinea pigs, fish, and now hermit crabs. He wants to try and play with anything that moves (although he does eat the occasional moth that he finds flying in the house), but does not seem to want to harm them (Our other male cat Cookie wants to eat the hermit crabs, I think). Sometimes, we will see Tiger sitting beside the hermit crab aquarium keeping guard over his friends.

Tiger is extremely scared of Dogs. His sister, Princess, likes Dogs and is often caught at our window, making purring sounds and squeaking sounds at our neighbor's dog. The one time a dog came up to our window while Tiger was laying on the windowsill, Tiger, jumped and ran out of the room like he had just seen a ghost. He has tried to avoid any interactions with those monstrous animals since that time.

I would definitely recommend this type of cat for a family, although, it would be best to allow the cat to get used to family members, especially smaller ones, before giving the cat free range of the entire home. Tiger does get stressed out when moving (he's went through two moves), and his last move, I had to literally pull him out from under the bed (this was after two days of him hiding under there and not coming out for food or water) and carry him around the house so he would get used to the new surroundings. After that, Tiger has loved the house, although he still is scared to death of the basement (this is where we keep the crates to take them to the vet, and Tiger hates the vet...).

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