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Novella: A Short Tail


United States

Posted Jun 24, 2016

My American Bobtail, Novella, is a wonderful cat. She is not the most cuddly cat I've ever owned, but she gets cuddlier in the winter time, I guess because she likes being around warm bodies. Her personality is great. She is friendly and even gets along well with strangers. She loves her family and knows what suitcases mean, so whenever she sees them (like when I packed to go back to school when I was in college) she freaks out and becomes vocal. She is normally very well behaved, although once when my family and I went out of town for a few days and left her with her automatic feeder, she pooped right in the middle of my parents' bed. A calculated, vengeful move -- she's a smart kitty. I think Novella gets lonely easily. Her food is upstairs and when she gets hungry she meows at the bottom of the stairs until one of us goes up to her food bowl with her and pets her while she eats. She LOVES having company while she eats. When Novella was a kitten she was very playful. She would play fetch with my brother in our hallway, and she had a stuffed puppy that she carried everywhere. She's gotten less playful with the years but will still chase the feather toy occasionally if she's in the right mood. We have two big dogs and for the first few years of Novella's life we kept her away from them. Now, they can be in the same room without problems, but if they get close to her she will hiss and whack their noses with her class. They are more afraid of her than she is of them. My favorite thing about Novella is her tail. When she's scared or excited (watching birds on the birdfeeder out the window) her short little tail puffs up like a cottontail rabbit's. It also wiggles and twitches all the time, which is adorable. American bobtails are relatively rare, but if you find one, I highly recommend adopting one. My experience with Novella has been wonderful and I hope it will continue this way for many years to come.

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