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Nugget the Bobtail - Fun and Independent


United States

Posted Jul 05, 2014

I wanted to write a review about bobtail cats because I've often heard that they are a very desirable and sought-after breed, for which people often pay a lot of money. Since my family currently owns three bobtails that were recently born to one of our other cats, we have learned some of the pros and cons of the bobtail breed.
On the positive side, bobtails are typically very friendly cats that love to be played with and love to play with other cats in the household. They're also very independent and are just as comfortable outside as they are inside. They tend to have easygoing personalities and will rarely get into disputes with other cats. All three of our bobtails are very sweet and easy to deal with, but Nugget is our oldest and most enjoyable cat of the bunch. I have also noticed that our bobtails seem to generally be healthier than our other cats, but whether this is just a coincidence or they really do have a stronger immune system, I don't know for sure.
The cons are fewer, but worth considering. Our bobtails tend to be less hygenic than our other cats. It appears that the lack of tail makes a difference in the cleanliness of their...rear ends. It would be wise to avoid picking up a bobtail and putting it in your lap without checking first... I have also noticed that these cats seem less willing to be box trained, but that could possibly be a unique personality flaw, or due to the fact that we have multiple cats in our home. A single cat with an entire litter box to his or herself would be much easier to train, I'm sure.
So all things considered, I would only recommend not getting a bobtail cat if you are germaphobic and don't want to deal with some uncleanliness, but as far as personality goes, I would almost definitely pick a bobtail over a typical domestic breed.

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